Welcome to our Online Shop

Welcome to our 2019 summer online sale! Click HERE to enter. This sale will be live from July 23rd- July 29th.


The personal connections we make with people through pottery are truly important to us, and we've carefully chosen the best online platform for this sale that we can.  We are hoping to meet the high level of demand at the start of the sale by making a larger group of pots available.  Having an account with our store is not necessary for check out, but if you'd like to get a head start on making check out easier, you can also create an account at any time.

 ***Please note that the availability of the pots you have chosen will be confirmed upon entering checkout; the pots in your cart are not reserved from general availability until you enter the check out process.***


We take great care in shipping you your pots, and they will be shipped out 1-5 days after your purchase (usually on the faster side).  You may return anything you’re not happy with; we will refund you the price of the pot, and you are responsible for all shipping charges.

If you finish a transaction during the sale and decide to return and make another purchase we will consolidate your order and it may be possible to refund some of your shipping charges.

 *International customers, please note that a $40 flat shipping rate will be applied to your order.  We will find the least expensive method of shipping and then either refund or charge you the remainder after we ship the pots.

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Bandana Pottery is Michael Hunt and Naomi Dalglish.  We live and work in the mountains of Western North Carolina in the town of Bandana, and we continually search our region for wild clays and materials to use in our pots and glazes. The mystery of white slip over the landscape of coarse dark clay inspires us and we eagerly explore the relationship between clay, slip, glazes, and the affects of our wood-fired kiln.  This sense of discovery propels us and continues when you bring our pots into your home and creatively interact with them in your daily rituals, sense of space, and celebratory meals.